Wednesday, July 29, 2009

*Doing the dance of joy!*

Chapter 7, perhaps the hardest chapter to edit (so far) is


With all the tweaking I had to do thus far, this chapter required the most work. Plus, I had to do some research into Greek customs and rituals to make it work. I'm still in Part I of the book, but I think this will help set up some other adjustments later. I have to define one character (who was simply going to be mentioned, but now needs some definition... just a little). ;-)

I trudged along in this one, folks. For as much as I like redefining elements of the Greek mythological world, I find it can sometimes be a bit arduous to develop these concepts.

So, now I am on to Ch. 8 -- let's see what kind of challenge this provides for me. After Ch. 7, all I can say is...


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So, I've been thinking...

Chapter 7 has proven to be the most difficult to end because the final scene is so important to the build up for the remaining chapters of Part I. Well, and it effects Part II in some ways. Anyway. I had a revelation while I was burning up calories on the elliptical yesterday. It was something that I should have realized a loooooong time ago when I first developed these characters, but the clarity brought on by sweating out my body weight in water helped clear a pathway for this information.

The problem is that I can't say anything about it just yet. It's a major element of Part II, and it sets up an interesting triangle, but not in the way you might think. If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

Seriously. You don't want that.

The reason why I mention it at all is that it means I have to rework some ideas I have when I get to that point of the book. It weaves in an element of mystery that will provide some tension with a few characters. I'm excited to explore this aspect of the relationship of these three individuals, and I'm also introducing a concept I have never seen before in any fantasy novel based in Greek mythology.

I'll be getting to The Edit soon, but first I have to grab some food and go to my summer job.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ch. 7 ALMOST done...

As I near the middle of the book (well, closer than I have been), I am hoping that everything that comes from this editing works. I've worked on making plot threads dangle when necessary, and tie some off, too. I've also received some advice from those whom I respect as writers and friends. With this being my first novel, it does become almost all-consuming of my day when I have to edit, tweak, chisel, cut, and blend ideas. It's possible that I might consider this becoming a graphic novel (or more than one) at some point, but that's so far down the road, it's not even in my sights yet.

I like what I write, but sometimes I find lines that make me happier than usual. I don't think they're the best lines ever written, but I do think they're good for me. Here's an example:

Adolescence had come upon her, with hormones and a maturity burgeoning within each cell, each sinew. Restraint was also new; she acted on impulse, like a thunderbolt gone astray.
It makes me happy, and that's what matters. I also like:

Lykaon inspected each hammered xiphos to where both sides of the steel could split a block of marble; each single-edged, curved makhaira could cleave skin from bone, and each kopis could sever a limb so cleanly, it would take a few moments for blood to flow—as close to perfection as they could be.

Well, the chapter is almost done, so I need to get back to it. I hope that what I write someday has an audience who will appreciate it; I know I do.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ch. 6... done!

The longest chapter so far, Ch. 6 has proven to be the one I had to tweak the most, not only in style, but content. Some of the earlier ideas would just not work. Now, I have some newness to incorporate which will make me MUCH happier.

So, 145 pages done. :-)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ch. 5... done.

The longest chapter, by far, has been completed. That contitutes about 78 pages thus far. I was able to move through this one much more quickly since it was a more in depth aspect of the story. I'm hoping that my flow keeps going like this... I may finish by the end of the summer.

We'll see. :-)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ch. 4... done.

Chapter 5 delves right into some major stuff, and it will be interesting to see how much of my style has truly changed as I get closer to the more current writing. I found that I was doing more "telling" in spots, probably when I was either tired or unclear where to go, but shortly after those spots, the story continues.

The more research I do, the more confident I feel about the work I am doing. I have had to locate terminology and names for Ch. 4 to work well, and it makes me happier to see things less vague. I probably won't reveal any more about the plot than I already have, too. As much as I would like to share with people, the more I feel like I am giving things away. I'm still working on this conundrum, and if I change my mind, I will post an excerpt. After what happened to Stephanie Meyer, I am reluctant.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The train is a-movin along...

I'm into Ch. 4, which is largely a background chapter about Delos, the once-god Apollo, who is being punished by Zeus because of his vast indiscretions with mortals and immortals alike, shaming Olympos. Having been stripped of his godhood, Delos (as he now is called), must serve a penance on Gaea until he truly understands the nature of what he has done wrong. Ever since the Scales were destroyed, the only thing keeping the balance of Order and Chaos, everything -- including the gods' behavior -- has changed to some degree from what it should be. So, I'm working to fine tune this chapter. This particular piece of the novel sets up much of what will happen in Part II, which takes place in the modern time. Delos' travels throughout the mortal world ultimately teach him about what that type of existence is like, and it will provide future characters with insights as well.

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