Wednesday, July 29, 2009

*Doing the dance of joy!*

Chapter 7, perhaps the hardest chapter to edit (so far) is


With all the tweaking I had to do thus far, this chapter required the most work. Plus, I had to do some research into Greek customs and rituals to make it work. I'm still in Part I of the book, but I think this will help set up some other adjustments later. I have to define one character (who was simply going to be mentioned, but now needs some definition... just a little). ;-)

I trudged along in this one, folks. For as much as I like redefining elements of the Greek mythological world, I find it can sometimes be a bit arduous to develop these concepts.

So, now I am on to Ch. 8 -- let's see what kind of challenge this provides for me. After Ch. 7, all I can say is...


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