Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Final Edit

After reading through the entire manuscript, I now have to go through and fix the minor errors, largely spelling and punctuation (with a few content glitches to fix). It reads pretty well to me, but -- hell, what do I know? ;)

Soon, I mail a copy to my reader who will tell me what he thinks. As I finished the read, I came to the conclusion that this is more of a setup for the next book (and I promised my mother that it won't take 25 years to write this time). The sequel will be even easier to write, since I now have plot points to flesh out and characters to develop further.

I need to write a short blurb about the book and a paragraph summary to put into a query letter for an agent. I need to be able to sell the novel to someone who will then help me get it published. It scares the hell out of me, too. What if the agent doesn't like it? What if he or she wants me to make major changes? Too much to think about. Best to wait until my reader sees the book and get a sense of what he/she feels.

Scary. Very scary.
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