Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Manuscript being read!

Okay, not by an agent or a publisher, but a very good friend of mine is reading the story to see how it reads.

After he and I speak about it, I'll start actively pursuing an agent. I do have to do some work first on a synopsis and a blurb, but I can do that. The process will bring about many rejections, but I've waited 25 years... I can wait a little while longer.

No one else has ever read the book except me, so having anyone read it scares me. I know that I love the story, but what if my friend doesn't? It's just something that's out of my hands now. Facing reality sometimes makes me uncomfortable, but what other choice do I have? Right?

We'll see!

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  1. Hello, I just saw your post on Gail Simone's thread. You have quite an interesting blog (by the way, I really like the art, who did that?).
    I'd love to count you as a follower of my blog, and I'll add myself as follower of your blog too.



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