Monday, February 20, 2012

My Nods to Wonder Woman in Task Force: Gaea

Around 8 years old, I became enamored of Greek mythologythe gods, monsters, heroes, and the epic scale of the storytelling. Something about the magic and grandeur of Olympus intrigued me. Later, I found myself interested in superheroes, the Justice League of America to be exact, and I fell in love with Superfriends, a Saturday morning cartoon. One episode involved Wonder Woman going to the planet Caltos, where the gods existed, and the Superfriends had to prove themselves to the gods.

Wait... Greek myths AND Wonder Woman"beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, stronger than Hercules, and swifter than Mercury."? I was hooked.

From that, I began and fostered a love of comic books, especially Wonder Woman. When I wrote Task Force: Gaea, I wanted to include some more subtle nods to the comic. Here they are:

TFG #1. Danelos Fairmont wears a manacle of Earthsteel, a metal that only Hephaestos, the blacksmith of the gods, can work in his forge. Etched with Olympian symbols, it marks Dan's service to the gods.

Connection to Wonder Woman: During a battle scene, Dan throws up his wrist instinctively, and an invisible shield protects him from an attack. Sorry, no "bullets and bracelets" (something Wonder Woman does).

TFG #2. During another scene, Danelos retrieves a lasso from a sacred armory, a lasso made from a hair of Atlas, a Titan (who holds up the heavens).

Connection to Wonder Woman: Indestructible, as is Wonder Woman's golden lasso of truth, but it doesn't possess any other power.

TFG #3. During Apollo's journey, he encounters Amazons from Themyskira.

Connection to Wonder Woman: While Wonder Woman and her Amazons are from Themyscira (I used the "k" in my name), an island near the Bermuda Triangle, my Amazons live near the river Thermodon, where it is believed the original Amazons of ancient times lived.

Plus, there's the whole Olympian gods connection, but that's not strictly a Wonder Woman aspect.

That's it, folks. Happy reading!

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