Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Where you come in...

Okay. So, I'm going to ask a huge favor of people. Actually, it's not really such a huge favor, but I just want to convey how much I appreciate it in advance.

Tell people about Task Force: Gaea.

It's not simply because it took me 25 years of writing, editing, proofing, vacillating, hemming-n-hawing, and inspirational chats with myself at odd hours...

It's not simply because it was a labor of love and energy and ego...

It's simply because the book is about you... and me... and everyone around you. Let me tell you a little about why:

Apollothe god of light, reason, truth, and healinggoes on a spiritual and existential quest to see where he fits in inside this place we call a universe. His journey, and the choices he makes, ultimately affects not only the world of the gods, but also the world of Humankind. His choices matter: good, bad, or hideously ugly -- they matter. Task Force: Gaea, as much as it's a fantasy novel of gods, monsters, and magic, is also about following one's path, even when it might destroy you. Would you be willing to give up your life, everything you know to be true, for the greater good?

Well, would you?

That's why you should tell people about  this book. It'll start existential conversations. Good ones.

Thank you.


  1. Does buying a copy for my local library count? Was going to give it to the Elementary School, but the 11 year old says it's a little above him... so I'm going to give it to the library to put in the Young Adult room instead...

  2. Yes, thank you! That would wonderful. I appreciate that.


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