Monday, April 2, 2012

Just what are the other Task Forces?

Task Force: Gaea is a branch of the United Nations Task Force, and the only division to handle metaphysical (i.e. mythological) phenomena. Other branchessome of which are in the first novel and some of which will be seen in the sequel(s)—handle a myriad of other milieu. Here is the current departmental list:

  • Alpha: Natural Disasters
  • Beta: Infectious Diseases
  • Gamma: Hunger/Famine Relief
  • Delta: Military Insurrections
  • Epsilon: Civil Engineering
  • Zeta: Extraterrestrial
  • Eta: Endangered Species
  • Theta: Drug Enforcement
  • Iota: Sustainable/Nuclear Energy
  • Kappa: International Security
  • Lambda: Criminal Law Enforcement
  • Mu: Oceanographic Safety
  • Nu: Forestry
  • Xi: Geological concerns
  • Omicron: International Court
  • Pi: Global Warming/Climate Change
  • Rho: Middle East
  • Sigma: Energy Crises
  • Tau: Hate Crimes
  • Upsilon: Corporate Concerns
  • Phi: Racism
  • Chi: AIDS/HIV
  • Psi: Medical emergencies
  • Omega: Human Rights

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