Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ask Me Anything**

**Rather than post a list of questions I won’t answer, I’ll just say that I just won’t answer questions if I feel they are inappropriate for my blog.

I've been interviewed by some fantastic people over the past few months for a few different blogs, and I’ve enjoyed the experience immensely. I’ve shared some things that tell readers more about me, but now—I'd like to push the envelope a little.

I’m inviting those who read this blog to ask me anything, as a fellow human being, a teacher, an author, etc. Politics and religion are even fair game. (see the above disclaimer, though).

What would you want to know? What would you like to hear me comment on? What inner most thoughts would you like to see me reveal? Avoid “yes/no” questions since they don’t allow for any real explanations. Feel free to skirt the edge of crazy, too. ;)

Here’s some stuff to get your started: I’m 44, Jewish, gay, a teacher, and a liberal Democrat.

I will choose the best question from the list to give the questioner a free copy ebook version of TASK FORCE: GAEA and a T-shirt.

Make it a good one. And, I’ll only answer one per person, and as of right now, there’s no end date.

(I need to have at least three questions submitted so I can actually decide the best.)


  1. At what point did you begin writing Task Force: Gaea?

    How did you come across the artist that created the cover art for Task Force: Gaea?

    Did you base any of the settings used in your book off of actual locations? If so, what locations?

  2. Being a former student of yours who knows that you used to tabletop game, I'd be interested to know if you remember any of your characters. Did you have a type you liked to play, any memorable moments, basically anything in your old gaming career that stands out in our head.


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