Monday, May 7, 2012

Bring Task Force: Gaea to Life!

I want the world to believe in heroes again!

My friend, Adam Jay, of Superhero Photography wants to help me redefine the fantasy novel/comic book genre by producing a photographic novel. This would involve photo shoots of models in various locations (with some background images), making human that which has been in text form in my novel, TASK FORCE: GAEA.

In 1978, I went to the movies to see the world's most famous hero—SUPERMAN. Christopher Reeve, in his blue and red tights, really made us believe a man could fly. His physical attributes, his charisma, and his desire to be a hero convinced us that this last son of Krypton could save humanity from those villains that tormented our world.

Now, in 2012, Adam Jay has turned hero-creation into an art form through his photography. He has taken some of the world's most popular heroes, like Wolverine, Lara Croft, and—more recently—Wonder Woman, and produced heroic images that inspire anew. After hearing about my novel from my friend, Michael D'Alessio, Adam contacted me with the idea of doing a portfolio project with the main characters from the book. Hoping to redefine the genre by producing a director's storyboard of images, Jay wants to bring Aegis, Aetos, Aether, and Zodiak into the real world.

And, I want that, too. The world needs heroes!

We've started a fundraising campaign through Kickstarter to raise the $5,000 necessary not only for the models, costumes, equipment, and time, but also to be able to provide the rewards to the contributors, ranging from a mention on a Donor Page, signed copy of the novel, a t-shirt, a poster, and—ultimately—a copy of the portfolio and even being written into the sequel as a character.

Please help me bring this project to fruition. It'll end 29 days from today (May 7, 2012), and I really want to help inspire others by bringing new heroes into the world.

I appreciate anything you can do to help. Here's the link:

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