Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm so done. Cooked. Fried.


I am D-O-N-E with being at school. And, no, I'm not finished with the school year. YET. Let me pre-empt this by saying, I love my students. They are THE reason why I go to work every day. It certainly isn't because of the paperwork, the pay, the legislative disrespect and drama, or any other myriad things that whittle away at my sanity. But, my kids are my sanctuary.

Yes, even the ones that push every button and jump on my last nerve.

As of today, my IB students start their exams, and as much as I enjoy working with them, the days when I get a few class periods to finish grading papers or just drink coffee uninterrupted help save my sanity. I don't think I have "teacheritis" (for as much as the seniors have "senioritis"), but I do feel like Sisyphus pushing that ever-growing rock uphill. Teaching is my passion in life; it's not a "job" to me or just a means to pay bills. I am always thinking about teaching SOMEthing. When I'm browsing at Barnes & Noble, I vacillate between books for pleasure reading and the "Oh, I would have so much fun teaching THAT." What can I say—I'm a lover of books.

My "doneness" has more to do with the level of disinterest of some of my cherubs in wrapping up the year strongly. We're reading Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, which is definitely a challenging read, but it's not beyond their ability. The issue is, they've convinced themselves that they don't really need to work anymore. They already have their college acceptances, scholarships, and post-high school plans all set (or so they believe), but they don't really believe when I say that colleges can and will rescind acceptances (and scholarships) if grades drop too much.

I'll keep giving 100% to them until their last day (which is about a week or so before school actually ends). I just wish they could dig deep within themselves to find the impetus to stay strong.

In other news: I'm working on a few writing projects that help keep my sanity. One is the sequel of TASK FORCE: GAEA, the other is sort of hush-hush at the moment, but it's a phenomenal experience. Also, I have a project that will take my novel to another level, and I will be promoting that soon.

So, seniors, perhaps beefing up the ol' work ethic wouldn't be a bad idea, at least until May 23.


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