Friday, May 4, 2012

Long Live Literacy Night!

Sometimes when you least expect it, things work out. Last night was the best example of this.

Our high school had their 2nd Annual Evening of Literacy through the Arts, and I was the local author-in-residence. Amid the tables of art student creations, a Hunger Games-inspired activity ("Literacy Games"), the concert band kicking butt and taking names, the culinary arts students cooking, ASL students signing to songs, and a throng of over events, I sat along the edge of the Commons Area with my table and wares—some TASK FORCE: GAEA t-shirts, signs, and other props. And then, I waited.

After the concert band finished playing, over a dozen people throughout the course of the evening came up to purchase novels and shirts (THANK YOU), and I had the chance to talk about my book. Now, that may not seem like many people, but for a high school function where I wasn't the main focus (and I was only expecting maybe two or three customers), I feel I did rather well.

This was just the elixir I needed after a long week, and I can go into the weekend feeling a little more empowered. More energy for the sequel!

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