Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Friend Needs Assistance—Can You Help?

Authors ought to support one another, and when that author happens to be my friend, I feel it that much more. My friend, Eric Arvin (author of Woke Up in a Strange Place, Galley Proof, Simple Men et al) wants to "start a travel company that caters to adventurous folk who may have some physical issues but still have the NEED to see the world. [He] wants to contact Travel Channel and propose a program, perhaps, where a camera would follow [him] around and document [his] travel joys and foibles.

People who have physical limitations should still be able to see the world in which they live, and I admire Eric's desire to step up for those like him and others who simply want to go abroad or across the United States, but conventional means may make that difficult to impossible.

If you or anyone you know has contacts at the Travel Channel, a similar media outlet for him to explore, or any other organization that could help him, please contact him on Facebook or leave a comment here, and I will make sure he gets it.

Thank you!


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