Thursday, August 23, 2012

And it's back to Process Blogging...

So, here I am, a week into a new school year, and I'm already agonizing over when I'm going to find time to write more for Memory's Curse (henceforth, MC). I set myself a deadline for the end of December 2012 (129 days from today, by the way). Realistic? Possibly, since I'm not working at the university or teaching the online Latin course right now. I do have a job writing curriculum for a course I will teach in the spring, but it's Creative Writing, so that should actually prod me into more writing one can hope. Right?

I'm sure anyone who reads this and also writes will find some common ground, especially when we finish our first novel and want to follow through with a sequel. It's not something I would have ever expected to be doing last summer, but now I am working through ideas, researching, writing, editing a little (I know, I know... edit later!), and getting ideas from EVERYWHERE. This time around it'll have a Lovecraftian vibe, sort of Cthulhu meets Olympos. I want dark. Horror. A changed world...

I already have some basic background information planned out for the characters (things will have changed for the main characters since the last novel)—I just have sit my ass down, turn off everything except the computer, and write. I do remember how it's done. My pitfall in the earlier stages of Finding Balance was my penchant for editing-on-the-go. BAD IDEA.

Really bad idea.

Once I got into my groove (which felt more like deep trench), I pushed forward, deciding on an ending, and finishing the novel. I need to find a new groove now, one that will guide me toward completion of MC without the same issues as last time. Possible? Hell yes. Likely? Talk to the Fates; I have no earthly idea.

Now it's back to this being a Process Blog, a place where I get to vent about my frustrations being an author, hoping for some sanity to come from it. I just ask for a little.

I'll post some new stuff that I can share, and when I speak with Mike Hamlett again about the cover, maybe I'll have some sneak peeks to publish here, too. Just stay tuned.

I know the sequel, like Finding Balance, will be worth the wait.

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