Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I Believe, Pt. 1

I believe in...
—respect, even when it's hard to give.
—being the better person when confronted with an adversary.
—being honest, tempered with understanding.
—reading comic books.
—eliminating animal cruelty and teaching kindness.
—eating sushi.
—voicing my opinion, my informed opinion.
—equal rights for all people. Period.
—telling people that you care about them. Often.
—speaking out against bigotry, hypocrisy, and hatred, fueled by ignorance.
—free will.
—heroes—men, women, and children.
—appreciating the natural world.
—people to do the right thing.
—my friends.
—things happening for a purpose.
—what goes around truly does come around—good or bad.
—fairy tales.
—reading... EVERYTHING.
—writing it all down and making sense of it later.
—singing in the shower or in the car.
—wearing costumes in the classroom.
—cooking food just because it tastes good.
—helping those in need.
—empowering others to teach.
—love and compassion defeating war.
—doing things to make myself happy.
—being myself.
—shaking up gender roles.
—men crying.

More to come...

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