Sunday, September 16, 2012

Batman's Greatest Foes

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Batman has one of the greatest rogue galleries in all of comics. The Joker. Two-Face. Penguin. Catwoman. Even people who don't read comics know these iconic characters. But who do I think is the ultimate villain in Gotham City, the one master criminal who rises far above the rest to bring pain to Batman and his never ending struggle to protect Gotham? Read on.
There is one reason why Two-Face is one of Batman's most dangerous foes, and he was once an ally. He was once a righteous district attorney by the name of Harvey Dent, helping Batman and Jim Gordon clean the mean streets of Gotham City. Until he got acid thrown on half of his face and went insane. After that moment Harvey Dent was no more, and a new persona took over, one by the name of Two-Face. He blames Batman for the terrible turn that his life took and seeks to cause him pain whenever possible. Itís the tragedy of the character of Harvey Dent that makes Two-Face a compelling villain.
Everybody knows who the Joker is, but not where he came from. The mystery surrounding his origin is part of what makes the Joker so terrifying and compelling. He is the polar opposite of Batman in many ways, the antithesis to everything Batman does. He's also one of the most brutal criminals Batman has ever faced. He beat Jason Todd, then Robin, to death and crippled Barbara Gordon with a gunshot to the spine, and Batman will always remember the events as two of his biggest failures.
Few villains have accomplished what Bane has. Bane became obsessed with defeating Batman, learning his identity, his habits and his patterns. He waited for months for his plan to exhaust Batman to come to fruition. Then, when the moment was finally right, he snuck into the Batcave and he did the impossible; he broke Batman, mentally and physically. He took the Dark Knight out of the picture for a significant amount of time. That is no small feat, and in my book places Bane as Batman's deadliest foe.

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