Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I live in a fantasy world.

No, it's not the world in my novels or in other fantasy books I've read. In this fantasy world, life is quite different from anything I've ever experienced.

As a writer, I can create any world I want. My alternate realities can be on Mount Olympos or Jupiter Mountain, Colorado, the ancient city of Atlantis or Boston, Massachusetts. In these places, I control the who, the what, the why, the when, and the how—everything that makes that world work for me. People in my imagined worlds can be gods, demigods, demons, humans, gay, straight, or any combination thereof. But, it's not a fantasy world I can ever truly live in.

The fantasy world I live in is one where my neighbors treat each other with respect, where people work together for the common good that benefits all people, not just the ones that have money or a preponderance of other valuable... things. In my fantasy world, gender isn't an issue so people who were born genetically men but feel they should be women (or vice versa) are accepted by society without judgment, without hate, without bigotry. This place doesn't look at the handicapped with fear or disdain, but rather looks to find ways to make their lives easier. This place doesn't restrict people based on race or religion—that sort of blindness has no place in my world. In this universe that I live in, gay men and women can marry, adopt children, be teachers or caregivers, and no one bats an eyelash about it. Why? Because it just doesn't matter. Love is love, and the people in my fantasy world just don't care about superficiality and pretense. Compassion blankets all decisions.

Is it perfect? Not by any means. Without adversity, the heroes (not super-powered ones but rather everyday people) rise above the stupidity and ignorance in the society and speak out openly without fear of reprisals. This world needs the bad to balance the good because there must always be an equilibrium to the universe. When I close my eyes and peer into this world, epic battles take place where the forces of good battle against those of evil; order butts up against chaos, and holds its ground. Do people die? Of course. They live out their lives, fighting disease and infection like anyone else. Some die for others, though, giving their lives in duty to humanity... these people recognize that we, as humans, are all related to one another, and we have a moral obligation to protect one another... sometimes from each other.

This fantasy world I envision values those who serve society: firemen, EMTs, teachers, social workers, as well as anyone else who wants to take a stand against the depravity and squalor that some people live in, hoping to make some kind of a difference. People actually help each other. Imagine what that would look like.

Friendship is valued. Truly. Friends agree and disagree—respectfully. Arguments are not ad hominem, but rather aimed toward issues. Words are respected as possible ways to build people up as well as cut people down, the latter is highly discouraged.

I know few people will read this, but I needed to tell you about my fantasy world. It will never appear in my novels, because fantasy novels hold fast to a different kind of fantasy.

I live in fantasy world because, right now, it gives me hope for the real world.

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