Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thirty pages in one day! Yeah, baby.

Since I woke up today, I've written about thirty pages. Now, I know some of it will get edited out, but that much writing hasn't come out of my head in a long time. All in all, I figure about 25 - 30% of the novel is in written form at the moment. Much of it is background, but it's necessary to get that story done so I can move from major plot point to major plot point. I'm moving the goal post from December to early spring, so this book will probably be finished some time around a year after the first one was published.

G-d willing! Getting the mind moving is the hardest part, as usual, but I am completely confident that I can complete this around the time I want to.

This blog started out as a PROCESS BLOG, and now it's going to become one again. I'm developing at least one romance at the moment (even though this is a fantasy novel, a few romantic ideas do pop into my head; AND! the romance is pivotal to the story, too, so it's not fluff). I see two romantic relationships blossom in the sequel (Memory's Curse). It's just so necessary to make time for this now more than before—even with grading papers.

So, I'm off to grade papers for a while. Then later? Who knows. Perhaps I'll find some more inspiration to pump out some more pages.

Oh, Oh, Oh! AND... I have spoken with Nate Klarfeld of Stonewall Live, an Internet radio program, and he is putting a 30 minute interview with me on the calendar in January.

I've never been interviewed for an LGBT program before, so this is exciting! I'll post more as soon as I know more information.

To any NANOWRIMO peeps out there: Keep rockin' the writin'! 50K words!

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