Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Task Force: Gaea movie—Dream Cast

If (and when) a movie could be made of Task Force: Gaea—Finding Balance, I'd probably want certain people to play the main roles, or at least actors who look like this people. It has been some time since I had actors in mind to play the leading roles, and in another post, I showed them.

If I were to cast certain people now, I think I would choose the following:

Apollo (Paul Fairmont, in mortal form). An Olympian god who has spent time among mortals, I see him as a man who is a bit older, much wiser, and has a certain charm. For this reason, I see Daniel Craig, this picture, particularly. He's also a physically fit man, and that would be play well into the "Greek god" role as well. His character has complexities to it that go beyond the one dimensional Greek god of other stories. Having been a mortal man, he knows what life brings for humans, and Daniel Craig has the look of a man whose life experiences have taught him quite a bit.

For Apollo's wife, Alkinoë (Allison Fairmont, in mortal form), I could see Claudia Black. She's played stronger female characters before (Stargate, an Amazon on Xena, Aeryn Sun on Farscape). She's the embodiment of an Arkadeian warrior queen. I've enjoyed her strong characters, and she would be a believable royal yet maternal figure. Plus, she could go up against Ares, god of war, quite easily.

While searching for an actor who could play Apollo's son, Danelos Fairmont, known as Aegis in Task Force: Gaea, I stumbled upon a picture of Eduardo Verastegui, a Mexican actor, but he has a decidedly Mediterranean look. He could easily play the lead, if he grew his hair out a little and grew in a mustache and goatee. He's 38, but I think he could play a younger hero.

Now, I know she's had a good run with Harry Potter movies, but Emma Watson could easily play Sarah Jacobs, known as Aether. A slight red tint to her hair, and she could play the elemental. It would be an interesting change from a wizard to a woman who can manipulate earth, fire, air, and water. She'd have to lose the British accent, however, since Sarah's from Boston (not hardcore, "Pahk the cah in Hahvahd yahd"-Boston, though).

My original pick was Angela Bassett when I started thinking about this years ago, but now she'd be older than the character. Beyoncé Knowles has the figure for it, and I'm pretty sure she'd look amazing with a pair of wings. Aleta Halson, known as Aetos, whose power allows her access to Zeus' lightning, is a tough woman, and I definitely see Beyoncé being able to carry that role. The geneticist who becomes an eagle-like creature herself, Aleta has the grace of Beyoncé, although the latter would have to have a short haircut.

Brandon Jeffries, known as Zodiak, is Channing Tatum. He definitely has the build and the look for the man who can channel the powers of the zodiac signs. The character, who has a sort of military look, would come alive through Tatum, who has that powerful jawline and strong features. I could see him in centaur form (channeling Sagittarius), too. What's not to like about him, right?

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