Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Attack...

When she finds you, the temperature drops around you to that of Tartaros, as if the air itself yields to her presence. Then, like a tidal wave, fear immobilizes you—not at once, though... slowly moving from your extremities, until you have no will. Noiselessly, a black, gelatinous cloud moves around, building up, tendrils of darkness meandering over all surfaces. One reaches out and encircles you, like a serpent. This fear, the one that touches your very soul, takes over, and your body goes limp, your bowels and bladder releasing their contents.

Then, it happens.

A neck rises from the blackness in front of you, swaying back and forth as it grows, and you see her eyes, fiery red ones that peer into your soul. Once she has you in her gaze, she takes what she wants.

She uncurls herself from you, and you lay in your own excrement as she moves back into the shadows. Temperatures return to normal, and you awaken from your stupor.

When you resume your life, you then learn what she has taken...

Read Task Force: Gaea — Memory's Curse to see just who she is. Release date revealed soon.

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