Monday, June 3, 2013

I could use your help!

Above is a poll about how much Greek mythology you know and how that would affect your reading of Task Force: Gaea—Finding Balance or Memory's Curse. PLEASE take a few seconds and click the choice that best fits you and share this with other readers of fantasy fiction.

Having read a number of fantasy novels, I can tell you that I like learning new things, especially if they're related to the novel's story. In Lord of the Rings, Tolkien uses names of people and places, as well as Elvish and other languages, to establish his world. I don't find them to be a hindrance to my reading; what I don't understand, I accept as new knowledge.

The problem I think people have with Greek mythology is that they miiiiiiiiight know some of the basic gods, but beyond that, not so much. They might know what a centaur is, or who Medusa is, but they wouldn't know Typhon or Ekhidna from anyone. I do try to give context within the novel, but I know some readers have told me they have had to Google some info (most actually liked learning more that way, too). My advice to new readers of TFG is: just treat the names as you would treat names in LotR or another fantasy book—as author created. Some of the elements in TFG are tweaked by me or made up entirely, but most are found in source material.

Thank you for responding to the poll. I really do appreciate it!


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