Sunday, July 21, 2013

New site, new focus!


Is this the end of Hardly. But, the official name is now: Mythmaking—Task Force: Gaea and Beyond.

This is the beginning of rebranding what I do. I basically wear two hats—teacher and author. As far as my writing, this site will continue to provide insight into the process of being a writer and getting that work published. I'll want to share progress and obstacles in working on a novel series, hopefully making it easier for you to pursue your own writing goals. Maybe you can learn from me... we'll see. But, I also want to share ideas that relate to writing in general, as well as tools that will help other writers grow.

For the public persona, I now have Here you will find more information about the books I write, specifically the Task Force: Gaea series as well as the other writing I do, with links to blog posts and other books of which I am a part. You can even purchase copies of the works through this new site.

I feel as if this site has become bogged down in too much "stuff," and I want to clear away the things that don't work for me anymore. Parts of this site may appear on, and parts may remain here. I want you to have access to the information you want.

As the new title says, I want this site to focus on the writing process—mine and yours—and hopefully give you insight into creating something on the page. Work with me.

I'd love feedback, too. If you like what you see here, please comment beneath the posts. If you want to ask me questions, email me here. Follow me on Twitter and on Facebook!

Stay tuned. Much more will come!

- DB

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