Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Patience is Bitter...

But, its fruit is sweet... at least according to Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

I can be creative. I can even be whimsical. I can be many things, but, right now, being patient isn't my strength. Waiting is not something I handle well, and it's no one's fault by my own. When I want something to happen, I realize there has to be a certain time frame when it will come to pass, but I tend to want things to happen sooner. Right now, I'm waiting to see:
  • A contract for a film treatment for Finding Balance.
  • A drawing for the cover of Memory's Curse.
  • Feedback from my beta readers on Memory's Curse.
I don't place any blame on the production company, the artist, or the readers—the blame is mine. I'm just not doing well with waiting. Too bad, right? Yes. I just need to tell myself that when things happen, they happen. Other people are in charge of these things, so I need to let go.

Ironically, as a teacher, I am incredibly patient. I work with teenagers every day whose perception of time doesn't always mesh with mine, so I can work with that, because I expect it and know these students. Interestingly enough, the worlds of both being a teacher and being an author don't usually overlap.

Well, once I get the signed contract, I will begin work on a film treatment (a 5 - 10 summary of the novel, sort of scene-by-scene). When the cover art is finished, I will be able to design the cover itself. Lastly, once I have feedback on the novel, I can tweak things so I can formalize the manuscript for publishing. These are all realistic, easily managed, tangible goals.

So, I sit on my hands and wait. Perhaps you can relate...

I'll just be waitin' on the sweet fruit here... whenever it shows up.
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