Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The world is filled with endless wonder

The laughter of children. The tears of those in love. A brother's embrace. A teacher's smile. A random act of kindness. A cat's purr. The serendipitous swish of a fish's tail.

All of these things make up the wonder of the world around us. Actions and reactions, movement and stillness, sound and silence—they all build upon themselves a place of magic and mystery. One kind word can set one's path ablaze with inspiration. The grazing of a hand on a cheek can instill within someone the hope to pursue anything.

A well told story or a gentle lullaby have the same effect. The metamorphosis of clouds in the heavens from one shape to another to no discernible shape at all...  these all mean something. There is undoubtedly amazement and goosebumps in a single breath.

If you truly look around, with all your senses wide open, you cannot but help to experience the moments in life that rival the flavor of nectar or the immortality of ambrosia. To experience life's briefest seconds to minutes to hours to infinity means to touch and be touched, speak and be heard, share and be loved.

Don't know where this came from, but it just came out right now. Appreciate the world that is filled with endless wonder because if you do not, you lose everything.

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