Monday, August 4, 2014

Character Tag Blog Tour

I have been asked to participate in this Character Tag Blog Tour by Brandon Witt. The follow questions are about a character in my upcoming release, The Liar's Prophecy.

1. What is the name of your character? Is he/she fictional or a historic person?

Although he's not a main character for the entire novel, the fictional character I want to talk about is Akmon.

2. When and where is the story set?

Akmon's part of the story is set in ancient Arkadeia, a country located in the Peloponnese part of Greece. Arkadeia figures prominently in the series as the kingdom of Apollo and his wife Alkinoƫ.

3. What should we know about him/her?

Akmon was left as a baby in an orphanage in Megalopoli by an unknown priestess. As he grew older, he took on the responsibility of caring for the other children in the orphanage, acting as a big brother to those with whom he lived. He was known for telling stories to the younger children as well as doing everything he could, even with limited resources, to make their lives tolerable.

4. What is the main conflict? What messes up his/her life?

Part of the conflict in Akmon's like is who he is. He doesn't know who his parents are, although he finds out, but he isn't prepared for the truth. As he travels with one of the main characters, he encounters parts of his past that forever change how he sees himself. One of the greatest challenges he will have to face is giving up what he has known to experience something completely new.

5. What is the personal goal of the character?

His goal is find out who he is, but equally as important is his devotion to his friends. He would rather put himself in harm's way to protect those he cares about that allow someone to feel pain. Not formally education, his "street smarts" have taught him more than most people learn in a classroom.

6. Is there a working title for this novel, and can we read more about it?

The Liar's Prophecy. Here is the blurb (it's a work in progress):

Aegis, Talon, and Aether struggle with Zodiak’s absence from the team as well as their friend Ari’s brave sacrifice to help defeat The Nebulous One. Prisoners from Tartaros having escaped when Hades lived as a mortal on Earth start appearing all over the world, following prophecies they believe will give them power. A set of gruesome murders starts an investigation that leads to betrayal that could tear apart the team. One of Gaea’s own children, a powerful prisoner long forgotten, has decided to make mortals pay for his millennia in the gods’ dungeon.

On his own quest, Zodiak has to confront his own failings, his role as a son of Apollo, and new truths hidden by the gods. Through his travels, he learns the prisoner’s identity and needs to devise a way to defeat him with the help of some new allies.

In the midst of this chaos, the prisoner secretly releases The Liar’s Prophecy, and an unsuspecting Task Force: Gaea has no choice but to see it to completion, actions that could bring them to madness. Zodiak must get back to Aegis, Talon, and Aether before he loses them for good.

One among them is fated to fall because even death cannot protect you from your past.

7. When can we expect the book to be published?

I'm expecting to release it January 2105.

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