Friday, April 3, 2015

Task Force: Gaea Trivia aka Bet You Didn't Know...

In rummaging through a box of notes from the eaaaaaarly days of the first novel, I found some things you might find interesting:

Original design for PortalBearer
I originally planned on using a pseudonym of "David Chauncey," using my grandmother's maiden name.

The original title of the novel was The Olympus Corps after a short story of the same name I wrote in high school. It later became Task Force: Gaia—Destiny's Talisman.

The original premise was Star-Trek-meets-Greek-Myth.

The location for the ancient society was called Arvador, a name I created before I changed it to Arkadeia.

The book was divided in two parts: Dike (pronounced DIE-key) for Mortal Justice and Themis for Divine Justice. This premise was scrapped later.

  1. Danelos Fairmont
    • Originally Danaelos. Name shortened for ease of pronunciation.
    • Mother: Lydia; Father: Mark (Apollo in mortal form, unbeknownst to Lydia or Dan).
    • Brandon was born first.
    • Mark "allegedly" dies on an oil rig. Lydia gives up Brandon for adoption to Mark's best friend, Zachary Jeffries. Dan was born a short time later (Lydia was pregnant before Mark died).
    • Zachary consoled Lydia, later marrying her. Lydia was a teacher (not an Arkadeian queen).
    • Dan was a teacher for the gifted, not an archaeologist.
    • Originally, the sword was made of adamantium.
  2. Brandon Jeffries
    • See above about birth and parentage.
    • Much of his character remained the same in the later years.
  3. Aleta Halston
    • Originally Rebecca Halston.
    • Much of her character remained the same in the later years.
    • Her origin involved going to Ancient Greece to the first Olympic games where she saves a couple by throwing a javelin to stop a runaway discus. The couple was Zeus and Hera. Zeus endows the javelin with the power to call forth his lightning.
    • Danaelos had created a feather charm that hid her winged form from regular people.
  4. Sarah Jacobs
    • Sarah's parents were married until her father and brother were killed in a car accident.
    • She was a nuclear engineer that handled waste disposal.
    • Her abilities have remained the same.
    • Her original codename was Elemental.
Cover mock up before the days of PhotoShop.

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