Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy Hour Podcast with Johnny & Duce Interview

Hey! So, I spent Free Comic Book Day with my friend Brian Wenzloff and his family while they were raising money for an MDA Muscle Walk while at Emerald City Comics in Clearwater, FL. It was a phenomenal time watching people get excited about comic books—something near and dear to my heart, too. Brian, his wife Nicole, and his sons, Brighton, Shane, and little Oliver (yes, named for Oliver Queen) were there, and I enjoyed so much helping them be a part of this experience. I hope they were able to raise some money for such a worthy cause.

Brian at one point in the day introduced me to Johnny and Duce with their Happy Hour Podcast, and they asked me to sit with them, in the middle of the store, and be interviewed. Well, how could I say no! Check out the interview below. It starts at 41:00 and lasts about 20 minutes. And check them out on Facebook at Happy Hour Podcast with Johnny and Duce, as well as on Soundcloud.

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