Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Me love Superman vs. Bizarro!

Just finished Superman vs. Bizarro, written by John Sazaklis with art by Luciano Vecchio. Man, do I love Vecchio’s art. Opening the cover reveals the endpapers splashed with DC villains on one side (the left side—how appropriate) and the heroes on the right side. The first few pages give a brief bio of both main characters, facing each other, and that creates an interesting visual already. This five chapter book tells the story of two kids, Marc and Anna, and their trip to Metropolis. They encounter Bizarro and, ultimately, Metallo, before finally meeting Superman. This is an action-packed and riveting story about heroism with some underlying messages about safety and support. Even though Metallo does play more of a villainous role when you would think Bizarro would (from the title), the story comes back around to Bizarro at the end. In my opinion, Superman and Bizarro needed a common enemy for this story to work.

As a teacher, I especially enjoyed the higher level vocabulary used as well as the glossaries in the back: one for Superman, and one more Bizarro. You can also find some thought-provoking questions geared to make an active reader think about the story and how it relates to him or her. Easily a favorite children’s book, and I’m certain adults would enjoy it as well (I know I did). Whether or not you’re a comic book fan, you’ll want this book in your collection. Sazaklis knocks it out of the park with this one.
You can buy it here.

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