Saturday, June 18, 2016

We have choices...

We have choices.

We can hide like timid mice in the corners.

We can walk hunched over, with our eyes toward the ground, so no one can look into our souls and see who we are.

We can stick to the shaded side of the street, keeping the light from our faces.

We can stay in our homes, order in food, watch Netflix, and watch as life moves beyond us.

We can stay in our cubicles, our classrooms, our offices—doors closed—hoping no one will see that we are different from them.

We can remain silent. Or soft-spoken.

We can nod and smile when people speak of our people, shedding internal tears that drown our soul.

We can teach our children to fear the loud voices, the venom-dipped words, the fiery ones who want to tear us down, one scythe-strike at a time.


We can stand in the light, shoulders back, our faces unmarred by a furrowed brow of despair.

We can walk with pride, our eyes on each other, not afraid to look at the shining souls of others—or at those whose souls are tarnished with prejudice and hatred.

We can be outside, in the world, making sure people notice we are not part of the darkness.

We can engage others in intelligent discussion, whittle away at misunderstanding, teach people how to accept—not simply tolerate—our existence alongside theirs as sisters and brothers.

We can speak out, speak UP, and make our voices heard in any way possible.

We can cry, but when we do, we do it because these are tears of strength, of perseverance.

We can teach our children to use their voices, to dip their words in compassion, strength, and wisdom.

We can block the scythes of those fiery ones with our identities.

What we didn’t choose, however, is who we are: gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, asexual, gender queer, lesbian, or anywhere else on the rainbow spectrum.

We’re not simply red, orange, yellow, or blue, but rather all of the hues.

We’re not just a rainbow, but rather a prism.
A prism takes in the light, and it shows all the colors, splashing them on everything they touch.

We can choose to shine our light on everything because light reveals truth,
Or, we can choose to flip the switch, and live in shadow.
- David Berger
...because he'd rather shine than be a shadow.

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